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Ron Middleton

Karaoke / Wedding DJ


Ron founded RG1 Productions in 2012. In the beginning the primary focus was Karaoke and karaoke alone. It eventually bloomed into weddings, corporate events, private events and so much more. 


Ron takes pride in bringing an entertaining experience to each event he is a part of.  Whether it be a small group or a large group the goal is always the same!

"All I ever wanted was to see people walking away from each show saying one thing, Man that was a lot of FUN" ~ RON

Angela Carter 

Karaoke / Wedding DJ


Angela came on board with RG1 Productions in mid 2017 and has never looked back. Her personality was made for entertaining and she does it so well!

Angela is the Primary Dj for All RG1 Productions karaoke and trivia shows. She simply loves to be behind the microphone and seeing the crowd dance to their hearts content.

Sara Middleton

Karaoke / Wedding DJ


Sara has been involved with RG1 Productions from day one! In the beginning it was more behind the scenes, but now she is front and center at shows of all varieties. 


Sara brings an element of humor, and consistency to the team that few can muster. With her sweet smile, and engaging personality, every one loves to be around her!

"I Love looking out and seeing laughter and joy whenever I am doing a show. I sincerely want everyone to enjoy themselves every time they come to an RG1 Event" ~ SARA

Nicole Griffin

Karaoke DJ


Nicole has been with RG1 Productions since 2018 and has excelled into a fantastic karaoke DJ. 

Nicole takes each show and makes it her own. You are sure to have a good time if you walk in and see her on the mic.

Kevin Comp

Wedding DJ


Kevin has been doing weddings for RG1 Productions since 2018 and has excelled! Mind you he is no stranger to having a microphone in his hand! Kevin has been a pastor for several years and is used to being in front of crowds. 


Kevin runs wedding days as smooth as silk, and the entertainment he brings to reception is bar none!

The RG1 Productions Team